Design is performed at six CAD workstations.

Every orders, workflows and raw materials are documented by our Internal Management Software. Our archive ensures to find even several year old data, such as manufacturing parameters and drawings for rule replacement procedures and reproduction.

Samples are made by Zünd plotter.

Laser cutting
  • Perfect accuracy
  • Pulse cutting
  • Reliable operation
Rule processing

Rule processing is performed by CNC machines; these machines are able to do combined rules, nicking, broaching, and stripping parts.


  • Accurately fitting rules of identical sizes in every drawings
  • All the drawings are identical
  • Arc bending is of mechanical precision
  • Documentation of each rule (for reserves and repairs)
  • Broaching at acute angles and fitting points, which gives the following benefits:
    1) No cracks or jams, and
    2) The rule is not pushed into the panel at these critical points
    3) Perfect fitting points
Break-out systems

Manufacture of break-out panels using laser and CNC mills

Manufacture of break-out elements using CNC mills (Marba Strip)


Custom sizes can be manufactured
Guarantees security of the break-out of the waste
Reinforcement of the breakers upon request with laser-cut steel sheets and steel beams

Water jet cutting

Ejection rubber elements cut to shape using water jet cutters.
Use of special rubbers as requested
Cutting of foams, rubber and sponges at your request up to 50 mm thickness

Embossing and marking
Built-in embossing dies for custom shapes and logos on cardboard, corrugated cardboard and Cartonplast boards
Incorporation of embossing dies into the tools for Braille characters
Pin identifiers (e.g. RESY sign) incorporation of numbers and letters