laser cutting
  • Perfect accuracy
  • Pulse cutting
  • Reliable operation
Rule processing

Rule processing is performed by CNC machines; these machines are able to do combined rules, nicking, broaching, and stripping parts.


  • Accurately fitting rules of identical sizes in every drawings
  • All the drawings are identical
  • Arc bending is of mechanical precision
  • Documentation of each rule (for reserves and repairs)
  • Broaching at acute angles and fitting points, which gives the following benefits:
    1) No cracks or jams, and
    2) The rule is not pushed into the panel at these critical points
    3) Perfect fitting points
Stancforma Ltd.'s Bobst Novacut die-cutter at maximum speed


Manufacturing of horizontal die-cutters for the following materials:

Labels, tags
  • Up to 12 mm rule height
  • Polished rules for perfect cut
  • Wide range of panels


Paperboard, corrugated cardboard



coming soon…

Foils, technical foams, sponges
  • Up to 100 mm rule height
  • Welding if necessary for rule stability
Vacuum and Deep Draw Forming Plastics
  • Up to 100 mm rule height
  • Frame enforcement if needed
  • Welding if necessary for rule stability


Textile, leather
  • If necessary, we can weld againts the displanting by holding points
  • Because of perfect continuos cutting we can solder


  • Using high-strenght cut
  • If need, we plant in to the sandwich-panel
  • Several confirmation