Stancforma Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Manufacturer) warrants the quality of its steel rule dies.

The Manufacturer is not responsible for damages resulting from improper storage or usage.

In case of transportation, please inspect the package for damages. In case of damaged dies, please take a proper photo of the damage, and send it to the Manufacturer with a description.

If the die is not proper (improper size, accuracy, etc.) due to the fault of the Manufacturer, the Manufacturer will have to bear the costs of repair or reproduction.

The customer is responsible for testing the die before production, i.e. performing test production. The manufacturer should be informed in writing within 8 days about errors (improper size, quality, etc.).

The Manufacturer is responsible for correcting errors as soon as possible.

If the error results from the errors of the drawings or orders sent to the Manufacturer, the customer will have to bear the costs of repair, modification or reproduction.

The Manufacturer is not responsible for the defective products made with untested dies.