We started the year 2020 with grandiose plans and great momentum. We planned 2 new developments, each of which we intended to implement by tendering for funds. Unfortunately, the global pandemic intervened. We have had to learn a new term: COVID 19, and little did we think it would define our private lives as well as business life for a long time! The spring lockdowns had paralysed international trade and, unfortunately, domestic business as well. Our company reacted to the emerging problems in time, and as a result of our precautions – then thought to be excessive – we protected our colleagues from the epidemic. The second and third waves, however, swept right through the company, fortunately only causing minor problems. We used the time and energy freed up by the lockdown to make our work processes more efficient through reorganising them. We tried to keep all of our colleagues, as we had built a great team of valuable experts over the years! The situation would not improve until the end of the year and, even then, international relations were far from normal. Luckily, we had won the tenders we had submitted, but we postponed their implementation to the following year.